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Minos Skoulas


Born in Herakleion, Creta, in 1966. He studied as electrician from 1984 to 1987 and from 1991 to 1995 at the School of Graphic Arts in Athina. At the same period he worked in the graphics atelier ‘TYPICON’. Lived in Thessaloniki from 2000 to 2003 where he attended the Photography Workshop of Stavroupoli. His teathers were Anthimos Kalpatzidis and Triantafillos Kourouklas. He joined “Opseis’’ in 2003. Since 2004 he lives in Herakleio.
Tel.:02810253229, e-mail:minotavros66@yahoo.gr

e-mail: minotavros66@opseis.gr







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Photographers' analects


Individual exhibitions


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Individual exhibitions organized by opseis


Photographers' Analects

Dimos Voudouragakis, Christos Ghighis, Elli Delliou, Stella Delliou, Katerina Douma, Theodoros Iliadis, Anthimos Kalpatzidis, Maria Kondodima, Triantafillos Kourouklas, Nikoleta Kiriakidou, Lampros Kiriakou, Apostolos Kirou, Eleni Moisidou, Minos Skoulas, Yiannis Stefanidis, Maria Tzelepi, Axilleas Tilegrafos, Isaak Chatzidimitriadis, Karolos Christidis

Cultural Centre of Stavroupoli - Thessaloniki (Hellas), (2004)

Organized by Photoclub "Opseis" & Municipality of Stavroupoli



Participations in other collective exhibitions


"Mois de la photo dans la Niévre "

 Nevers  (France),(2005



Participations in collective opseis publications


Photographers' Analects”, Published by  Stavroupoli' s Municipality and Photoclub "Opseis", 2004


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